Country Lovin’

There’s nothing that I love more than a good country concert. It let’s me know that summer is officially here. If you have never been to a country concert,  have you been living under a rock? The atmosphere is just indescribable. Parking lots are full of tailgaters cooking, drinking, and having an incredible time. For most the drinking gets out of hand, but who doesn’t find enjoyment laughing at the drunk guy who can’t produce a single sentence without slurring his words. IDK I just find drunk people at concerts so hilarious. But I have to say out of all the concerts I’ve been to, the people are so much nicer at country concerts. Maybe it’s the alcohol consuming them, but it doesn’t matter, everyone like enjoyable and nice people right?

I’ve been to countless concerts, but unfortunately this year I will probably not be attending any 😦 If only concerts didn’t cost money. The best concerts I’ve been to were probably the ones where I had the best seats and got to meet the performers. I’ve met Drake White (upcoming country artist), Kip Moore, touched hands with Brad Paisley! I was in the sixth row of the Demi Lavato concert with Little Mix and Fifth Harmony and I met Collins Key, what a great and tall guy! Well enough of my bragging 🙂

I think more people need to appreciate country music and stop listening to all that rap! (No offense). But seriously go out and try new things you will not regret it! I will leave you with two country songs that I currently love and have loved I have seen one of these guys in concert where he was amazing. (Chris Young).




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