Kissed By Summer

It’s that time of year again…Summer! My summer will be filled with college courses and studying! (Oh what fun that will be!) What a little overachiever I am! Thank gosh it is only two courses, English and Anthropology. But I will be at the University of Connecticut which should be so much fun, I cannot believe I am in college now. Do you know that feeling when you wait for something to happen for so long, and expect it to be so magical and life-changing? Well, that is not quite what I felt or still feel, this whole thing probably has not sunk in yet. Oh well, enough of me and on to the more important things in life. I mean fashion is more important than college of course, right? No? Oh yeah, maybe not but it is pretty close. Also what is important is the campus hotties! College boys… (This is where I start to daydream).

You’re still there right? I got a little distracted. This summer is going to be filled with many floral prints and bright colors. It’s what I absolutely love about the summer. It should also be filled with great music and friends, I’ll be sharing my summer playlist. I feel like I have not been posting any music lately which is such a shame. So you will get your yummy fix of music for the summer. Wonder why I said yummy? I have been saying it randomly lately, so I am just going to go with it. I have some great outfits picked out for anyone’s style, so check them out below!



This outfit now reminds me of something Perrie Edwards from Little Mix would wear. With floral’s being a main focus for Summer 2014, this piece is simple enough that it is not floral roadkill. Have you ever seen those horrible floral prints that remind you of grandma’s furniture? This is something we all could handle.




California Dreamin’ street chic. This outfit can be put together in just a few minutes. The fringe on the shorts is so cute and gives it that rocker feel. This is an outfit not to be overlooked for the summer, try it out! (Maybe don’t go too short on the shorts though!)





Do I hear the lure of Coachella? Maybe it’s just me. Coachella fashon is sometimes overdone, but this is a look that you can use to build from. Take your favorite band’s t-shirt and some rugged jean shorts, and maybe add a fringe purse, and for a layered look add some bangles on your wrists. There. Plain and simple. You are now ready for Coachella. Well maybe next year!




The American Classic, denim. This could definitely be a look for a night out on the town with the girls! An over-sized denim top will make you feel comfy but cool temperature wise. Then as shown in the picture tuck it in to show off the rest of your outfit and add the boho chic-ness to it. All you need is a terrace in NYC and a glass of wine in hand. (If you are legally old enough to do so).



The preppy-hipster look. Simple dresses like these show your sophistication with style and personality. You can not go wrong with these simple line prints. My personal fav is the one in the middle!



Floral.Floral.Floral. Try these two interchangeable looks, there is just enough floral print so grandma’s furniture does not come to mind. This pic reminds me of Kendall and Kiley Jenner. Right?




If it is anything I love about summer it’s the getaways. This dress takes you to a beautiful sunset in Aruba or the Bahamas. Wearing long dresses in the summer is a must on my list. They are just so comfortable and make you look glam instantaneously. I just want to escape in the wonders of this beautiful dress.

Music Playlist

“Runaway” Ed Sheeran

“Rude” MAGIC!

“Am I Wrong” Nico & Vinz

“Live it Up”, “Try” Colbie Caillat

“Classic” MKTO

“Fancy” Iggy Azalea feat. Charli XCX

“What I Like About You” 5 Seconds of Summer

“Girls”, “She Way Out” The 1975



  1. Great post! ahh I remember when I first started college, I was just as excited as you are! lol

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