Covet Fashion App

Covet Fashion App

Hello! Yes I am back. If you have not heard of this app yet, you are missing out. Fear no longer, Covet fashion is an app where you can put together different looks from a great virtual closet and learn more about different designers and trends.

When I first heard about this app it was from my friend, I was not going to download it, but I said what the heck! As soon as it was downloaded I immediately did a tutorial which was very helpful and then you were on your way, and let me tell you it is very interesting. I haven’t stopped using it. What is so great about it? There is a section where you can enter events to win real prizes and prizes in the game, who does not love free stuff? You really just need to check it out for yourself, and there is even a fashion feed where it gives you the latest trends. Oh, and did I tell you that all the virtual pieces are actual clothing from their line, just click the Buy Online option and voilà. I hope you enjoy this app, and I also might be putting up more posts tonight!

Website to get the app:


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