It’s My Favorite Time of Year!

It's My Favorite Time of Year!

It is around that time when we are going to unveil the fabulous fashions of fall! I love how the weather is not too cold, but not too warm, it’s just perfect! I cannot wait to sit by the fire, read a good book, and drink some hot cocoa! Before we know it, it will be 2014!! I can already tell this year is going to be awesome, because know is the time when I am applying to colleges, and I cannot contain my excitement! It has been a busy start to the school year so forgive me for not posting much, but I had some free time today, since I’m sick with the flu, to blog a little. My favorite time of year is October, is it crazy I like it more than Christmas? Well, I just love the halloween movies that come on, and I love watching those cheesy Disney Channel ones because it brings back memories of my childhood. Yes, I am implying that I am old, deal with it! lol (I know I am not old, I am only 17, but sometimes it feels like it).
This outfit is one of my go to looks for fall. It’s classy, casual, and cozy! One thing I don’t quite like about this outfit is the earrings, but that can be easily fixed! I would go for some pearl studs, because I don’t try to go all out for fall, I keep it modest. Actually I try to keep it a little modest all the time because women should have a little mystery to them. I picked this outfit because it reminded me of the fashion of where I want to go to college. Can you guess where? Drum roll please… London! Yes, I want to make the move to London, I am young I should get out and live my life. My dream is to attend Richmond the American International University. I hope I get in!!! Any British readers out there? I would love to hear your opinion of making the move.
Well this is all I have time for I hope you enjoyed my long awaited return, lol 🙂

And I leave you with a song of course!


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