I’m back


I’m just loving the comic book clothing, it just stands out from any other piece. I know I am saying I love a lot if things, but do I have to chose? No, it’s all about being someone different! I love how this dress says sick of men, I don’t think I could ever get sick of them, or do I just like looking at them? lol. Wow, I’m totally boy crazy, it’s cray cray. Ugh I’ve never said cray cray before, I guess my inner preppy is coming out haha 🙂 if you watch PLL you know that recently Aria wore a comic dress to die for, it was amazing!! I honestly never seen any outfit I didn’t like on the liars, they always know how to rock the current trends. So, I don’t see this trend dying anytime soon, and this dress might not come cheap, but there is an alternative which is Rainbow, it’s an awesome store and has great comic clothing for great prices. Style your inner geek and be fabulous!! 😉



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