Let’s Take A Time Machine Back To The Twenties

I have not seen the Great Gatsby yet, but that doesn’t mean I have not heard about the fashion. The era of the 20’s is something I adore. I have always loved movies set in the 20’s with mobsters, flappers, and the elegance. It helps that the men dressed sharp for anything, it’s not like todays times where you see boys with their pants starting at their knees. Men knew how to treat a woman, and understand their true beauty. I can’t wait to watch The Great Gatsby, just for the Fashion and of course Leo DiCaprio. Can he be anymore perfect? Now let’s talk about this picture. Jimmy Choo heels, you can’t go wrong with those. These heels may be 20’s inspired but is current for today’s woman. The dress is simple with a touch of class, if you don’t want to go too Gatsby, wear this alone with your favorite accessories. Jewelry, can this get anymore perfect, glam up your everyday look and shine anytime of the day. I hope you liked this, comment if you have anything you want me to post, don’t be afraid, I’m not going to bite. Stay Classy!


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