British Takeover

British Takeover

Has anyone else caught British fever like I have? Lately it’s been all about 1D, The Wanted, the latest Royal news, and the list goes on and on. But are the British here to stay, or should they go home?

I myself have loved everything with a union jack flag lately. My wallpaper on my computer is union jack, I have pillows that are London inspired, and even clothes! Talk about another British invasion.

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes! Every store I go to, boom! union jack flag on anything. This trend is something I love, and a lot of other people enjoy themselves. The look goes with whatever someone is trying to pull off. I don’t see this trend descending anytime soon, and why should it?

Music, who doesn’t love music? I know Americans started going crazy once 1D came into the limelight. So is this what started the craze, or was it bound to happen? The British have been around for a while and this was not their first takeover. Can anyone say The Beatles? Who could forget them, they were a big deal back in the day. So can we say bands like 1D, The Wanted, The Saturdays, and The 1975 will continue to take us by storm? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we love those accents just as much as the next person, and who could forget the great edge they bring in style to America, or whatever country! In my book the British can overstay their welcome, as long as they keep refreshing us with their fashion, music, and charms!


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